More Money ……  Less Work ……. For the Estate

You can recover more assets from every estate where the Debtor is abandoning the residential property, even in a no equity property.  Property Guardians, Inc.  can facilitate the listing and sale of houses in bankruptcy and asset management of distressed properties.  This additional income to the estate may be applied to the Trustee as fees and even in a no asset estate it can fund a distribution to creditors!

Our listing and asset management services will assist you with assessment, valuation, comparative market analysis, and asset preservation, resulting in the maximum recovery to the estate!  Our licensed in-house attorney and paralegals will prepare motions and orders for you!


Property Guardians, Inc.  Real Estate services for Bankruptcy Trustees include:

                       Drafting Listing & Sale Documents

                                    Comprehensive Marketing Plan

                                                Asset Management


Marketing offered exclusively by Property Guardians, Inc. for Bankruptcy Trustee Listings:

Listing on Northwest multiple listing service

Virtual Tour of the Property

Unique QR Code with Virtual Flier

Listing Syndication:  YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Zillow, Trulia,

SEO to Property Guardians, Inc. website

Note:  all services are subject to the terms of the Listing Agreement and Washington law.

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